Why Website Speed Matters

So how fast should a website load?

The recommended google page load time is under two seconds. Having a fast loading site not only can get information to your readers sooner but is used as a determining factor in your rank on most search engines, especially google.

Every second counts and to long of a load time could result in page abandonment during google searches when there are many other competitors available.

What can be done to reach these speeds.

Every piece of a website is requested one by one in order to draw what the user sees in the browser.

In order to reach speeds similar to higher tier sites a website must be optimized to not wait until every piece is requested by the browser.

Files should be optimized and compressed whether it be images or code, and there are many methods available depending on the project at hand.

Javascript should be loaded Asynchronously running on a new thread and not holding up the previous if necessary and not required by the above the fold content.

And certain assets (Images, JS, CSS) can be hosted on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and URLS rewritten on your cached finally presented page.

How can my website reach these speeds?

A lot of the time these changes can be too much for your run of the mill designer to handle, and you may need an experienced Developer / IT to handle these tasks.

For that we ask you come to IFixTech so our expert developers can carry out the changes required with ease and the experience required.

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